I thought it might be helpful for you to meet me and hear what I’m doing. I should add that I have nothing in particular against importing food if it’s something we don’t grow here. But why do we: put trucks on the road; using fossil fuels we’re running out of; that are eroding the ozone layer and changing the climate on the planet, when we can grow those things right HERE?

I want collaboration with anyone who cares about local food and I invite you to contact me at mhrynkow@cca.edu.

3 thoughts on “Talking Head: Introduction

  1. Pat Durose says:

    Hi Casey, have you heard of CSA programs where a local farmer will provide weekly grocery boxes or bags to a selection of folks who sign up and pay a token amount for whatever the farm is supplying that week. This may be on a point system – 2 points per carrot or 5 points for squash for example- not sure if this is the input you are looking for, but it is about supplying local food locally. Check out Alderlea Farms website in Duncan- John + Katie Ehrlich. Fab people! Feast of Fields was at the farm last year. Or, Ice Cap Organics in Pemberton is another CSA Farm. Likely, your sis does this or knows of it. Might be old news! Hope the project is going well! If there is specific info you are looking for let me know,
    Cheers, Pat

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