Food Security, Food Sustainability, Local Food availability

Trying to Find a Reason for Farming

It seems like trying to find a reason for the sun to come up. Farmers just do it. There is no logical or fiscal wisdom to deciding that it’s a really good idea to start getting up at 5:oo am, do back-breaking work until the sun goes down, have terrible cash flow and have to have a second job so you can pay your help and buy seed.

I have spoken to several farmers — some younger, some older. Some still have a fire burning in their belly, some not so much. But all truly care about farming and doing things right. They care about food and food security. They care about the planet.

It shouldn’t be this unrewarding (financially, at least) to grow the food that we all need. We shouldn’t have to bring in those tomatoes from Chile (please, don’t buy them!). As consumers, we need to be more focussed on supporting the local grower. And I’m looking for ways to make it marginally better for small-scale, mixed-crop farmers to stay in the business and feel the love.


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