What This World Needs is a Family Meeting


We are alone. This planet is a tiny, solitary spaceship sailing through a vast black wilderness.

How we  conduct ourselves on this pebble in the abyss is a massive problem. This video, Overview, puts our place on our planet in perspective. We are interdependent and capable of solving great problems when working together. But we can and do create unimaginable chaos when we pursue our own interests and see things only from our own narrow perspective.

If you picture our planet as a small island, perhaps a mile in circumference, you may be able to imagine that someone living on the other side abusing the resources there will almost instantly impact those of us on the other side. We only have so many trees and plants, so many animals to hunt. And with one stream serving the whole island, poisoning the water up island poisons the water for all of us. The feuding over borders, resources and ideology is madness when you consider that we are using what we have faster than the planet can keep up.

Until a giant asteroid vaporizes Earth, the planet itself will survive. As a species, however, we are racing headlong for the end in short order. There is only so much to go around. In the western world, we scramble for newer and better toys that require oil, metals and chemicals to produce. We make the toys where labour is cheap — and then we use more oil and metal and chemicals to get them into the hands of consumers who want the newest and the fastest.

The collective ocean touches every shore of every land mass. We are all breathing the same air. Earth is enveloped by a thin, fragile layer that protects our species from annihilation. That layer is being damaged and there is likely no going back. We are all passengers on the same little boat. We cannot befoul one part without impacting the rest of it. Battling to conquer others over ideology, wealth or resources will leave the “winner” the last person on the Titanic.

It’s time to have a serious family meeting of our species. We don’t have time to “wait a while.” We need to start thinking like a family, instead of  like a pack of rogue gangs. It may not be possible. Human history has consistently demonstrated a pattern for one-upmanship that distracts us from minding our basic human needs. In the past, the resources were usually there to feed and clothe us once we put down our weapons or sheathed our claws. But the time is fast approaching where this won’t be the case. The planet is warming. Storms are becoming superstorms. As we now grow massive swaths of genetically and chemically assisted monocultures to feed ourselves, we run the risk of catastrophic crop failures with climate change. We have created weaknesses in our spaceship, and then continue on as though nothing is wrong.

We need to talk. Together. And soon.


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