Getting off the Food Truck to Talk about Transit

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 9.34.54 PM

We need to have a chat, folks.

The political rhetoric around the Skytrain shutdown yesterday is predictable. Every hack with an axe to grind is scrapping for his or her second on the soapbox. But while we’re all churning bile, let me just point out a flaw. When people start saying we need to turn $175,000 spent on art for an entire transit system in a major metropolis back into the system to make it better, you know what I think? I think you’re a person who probably should not be further contributing to the gene pool. So put it back in your pants. If we don’t have art, music, writing and dance in our society, we will dry up and blow away, negating the need for any kind of transit, rapid or otherwise. Art and culture is what separates us from animals. Not that I don’t love animals, but left to run the planet? How is it that these things are “frills”? They are not, any more than our clothing is a frill. Art and culture make us cultured people that: live with laws, live with and tolerate each other and the things we work at and create, respect each other, respect life and generally make life tolerable day to day. You want to get from A to B in a grey, concrete tube accessed by grey concrete stairs with nothing around?

Be my guest.


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